Customers QoolTOUR


The customer is the center of our attention – whether as a tourist service provider, distributer, or end user. The success of our client relationships is based on a variety of factors:
  • All tourism services come from a single source.
    We offer compelling travel deals and all the tourist services necessary to meet the evolving needs of our guests. Our goal is to comprehensively and efficiently satisfy all customer wishes. We work with our selected local partners hand in hand. 
  • We offer the highest standards in service and quality
    High-class service can be achieved only by maintaining high standards for ourselves. Therefore, highly qualified employees are a necessity in guaranteeing a thorough consultation by us and our distributors. 
  • We delight tourists with our innovative offers
    Our customers can rest assured that our offers and services reflect our extensive experiences and strong partnerships with local tour guides in the most beautiful regions of Austria and his neighboring countries. Our expertise guarantees enthusiastic holiday guests who will return again and again.
  • Long-term partnership
    We seek a long-term partnership with our customers. A common interest, and respect for each other is the foundation which brings about satisfied customers and our company’s sustainable success.
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