The incoming tour operator QoolTOUR specializes mainly on tourists from Central and Eastern Europe. We include the following countries in our "home market":

Central Europe: Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland
Southeast Europe: Armenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova
Baltic Countries: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania
Eastern Europe: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus
BeNeLux: Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg

We pay close attention mainly to long-term successful business relationships and market-specific, personalized customer service.

We have developed an extensive distribution network through local travel agents in more than 20 European countries and can therefore market your coverage benefits.

In addition, we are continually expanding our direct distribution to thousands of consumers through newsletters in German, English and Russian.

Using an efficient search engine, your benefits are optimized for tens of millions of customers, and are visible through our direct online sales channels.

We are also represented at least once a year with our own booth at the largest tourism exhibitions and fairs in these countries.

The distribution of the different markets and channels is expected to vary widely, but it guarantees the optimal occupancy rate. Thus, we can guarantee your performance in terms of currency fluctuations, economic trends and personal travel, and booking preferences in individual countries of origin.