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Business portfolio QoolTOUR

Business portfolio

Our business is organized into two divisions: incoming and outgoing tourism. Through this arrangement we can specifically cater to the different demands in the Incoming and Outgoing area. We respond to the needs of our customers and efficiently fulfill their requests.

Incoming Tourism

QoolTOUR is a link between tour operators and providers in a network that brings benefits to all parties.

We organize the information on all the tourist services in the most beautiful regions of Austria and its neighboring countries and promote the most interesting, beautiful, and popular trips. Through combining the different services we create individual and group travel arrangements which are marketed through various tour operators in Central and Eastern Europe.

Our dedicated account managers are native German, English and Russian speakers with extensive regional knowledge and product competence. As "local experts" we know our travelers’ demands and wishes while traveling through Austria and its neighboring countries. We fulfill them with sincere, relevant, and personalized travel advice.

Outgoing tourism

QoolTOUR markets travel packages of the local tour operators for private clients. Worldwide flights and accommodations can be easily obtained at the most reasonable price.

Our qualified account managers have extensive travel experience in many countries. They know the special characteristics and charms of your desired holiday destination, and they maintain excellent contact with the specialized tourism industry.